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Andron Stainless provides product photographs that include our standard product lines, custom machined, custom fabricated and custom manifold product examples.

Custom Products

Valve Cluster ManifoldMounted Plate Reduction ManifoldMultiport Manifold ClusterExotic Alloy ManifoldBasket StrainersManifold PlatePump Block ManifoldSize on Size Multiport ManifoldFloor Drain ManifoldProduct Recovery System Pig3 Way AdapterCustom Threaded FerruleClamp One End 90° Elbow

Custom Fabrication

Mounted Plate Reduction ManifoldDiptubesCustom Valve BodyMultiport Tees w/ Reduction PortsMultiport manifold w/ Threaded EndsCannister with Coil InsertEccentric Reduction ManifoldSpray Ball DiptubeMultiport manifold w/ Threaded EndsSpray ManifoldIndustrial Line SplitterAngled Reduction TeeMultiport Clamp CapBracketed Ferrule 1Bracketed Ferrule 2Industrial Reducer

Custom Manifolds

Pump Block ManifoldIndustrial Line SplitterSpray ManifoldValve Cluster ManifoldMultiport ManifoldReduction Side PortsEccentric Reduction ManifoldExotic Alloy ManifoldSize on Size Multiport ManifoldFloor Drain ManifoldExotic Alloy ManifoldMounted Plate Reduction ManifoldIndustrial Elbow Manifold
Andron continuously searches for the best machinists, welders, mechanical polishers, sales and administrative people in the country.

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The food industry has strict requirements and can’t have production shut down. Andron has always met & exceeded all requirements.
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