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Sanitary Strainers

Andron Stainless offers the SaniClean Strainer™ product line which features quality crafted strainers and all sanitary construction – crevice free and polished. SaniClean Strainers™ are cost effective and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Download our Inline and Side Inlet Sanitary
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Download our Sanitary Basket
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  • Andron’s Inline SaniClean Strainers™ are designed to be dimensionally interchangeable with industry standard inline sanitary strainers.
  • Perforated Support Cores are made using a heavier gauge sheet; they are less likely to fail under pressure than other cores used in sanitary strainers.
  • Wire Mesh OverScreens offer a snug slip fit over the perforated support core. Andron’s “standard construction” provides OverScreens with hemmed ends tack welded in place. OverScreens with hemmed ends provide a finished, smooth edge. The hem, when tack welded in place, captures the raw edge wires of the mesh.
  • The SKS OverScreen™ is a non-woven screen, available in most popular mesh sizes, offering similar open area characteristics to wire cloth - yet has no wire intersections.
  • No wire intersections mean a cleaner screen – less chance of contamination! The SKS OverScreen™ is easier to clean!
  • No individual wires mean no loose edge wires at the cylinder ends – no chance of wires breaking off. SaniClean Sanitary Strainers from Andron! We know wire cloth, and how to fabricate wire mesh strainers. We’ve fabricated "custom" wire cloth strainers and filters for more than 25 years. The complete line of Sanitary Strainers is a welcome addition to our SaniClean Strainers product line.

Additional Products

In addition to sanitary strainers, Andron Stainless also offers these other product lines: Inoxpa Sanitary Pumps, domestic sanitary fittings, custom stainless steel sanitary fabrication, clamp fittings, stainless steel tubing, sanitary valves, and sanitary stainless steel fittings.

Custom Products

We fabricate and machine superior custom products, on-time and to precise specifications.

Custom fittings are Andron’s specialty. We can customize from the simple to the extreme with a wide variety of sizes from .5” to 12”. We can make numerous variations of catalog items.

We are also capable of completely fabricating original products from scratch.

Andron can also customize your parts, including domestic sanitary fittings, custom stainless steel sanitary fabrication, valves, clamp fittings, stainless steel tubing, stainless steel sanitary strainers, sanitary valves, and sanitary stainless steel fittings.

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