Andron Stainless

Custom Fabricated Manifolds

We can fabricate manifolds to meet your exact needs. And we can do it quick!

Andron's in-house fabrication expertise allows us to produce custom sanitary stainless steel manifolds up to 20 feet in length to your exact specifications. We can place a variety of styles and sized ports on your custom manifolds. Our fabrication capabilities range in size from .5" to 12" in diameter. In addition, our machining, welding and fabrication abilities allow for a variety of modifications to your existing manifolds or other parts.


  • Alloys: 304, 316, C22, 2205
  • Dimensions: Diameters .5" to 12" with lengths up to 20'
  • Connection Types: Tri-clamp, I-line, Bevel Seat, Flange, Cam-lock, Q-Line, DIN, and Butt-weld
  • Various jacketing options
  • Various sanitary finishes available

Additional Products

In addition to custom fabricated manifolds, Andron Stainless also offers these other product lines: Inoxpa Sanitary Pumps, domestic sanitary fittings, custom stainless steel sanitary fabrication, clamp fittings, stainless steel tubing, stainless steel sanitary strainers, sanitary valves, and sanitary stainless steel fittings.