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Thanksgiving Hours

Andron will be closed on Thursday, November 25th and Friday, November 26th in observance of Thanksgiving. We will reopen at our regular hours on Monday, November 29th.

Watch that Pressure!

Pressure can be a very tricky thing. PSI or pounds per square inch is the common unit of measure for pressure in this country.

Recognizing National Manufacturing Day and South Carolina Manufacturing Month

Governor McMaster Issues Proclamation Recognizing National Manufacturing Day and South Carolina Manufacturing Month

Three Tenets to Leading a High-Performance Distribution Sales Team

Sales leaders are not only using data, but they’ve also internalized the concept with three core tenets that guide how their teams meet the moment and better serve every customer.

FDA challenges stakeholders to help develop tools for better traceability

Frank Yiannas, FDA deputy commissioner for food policy and response, has detailed the agency's upcoming New Era of Smarter Food Safety Low or No-Cost Tech-enabled Traceability Challenge.

How To Be a Better Listener

Get ready to M.O.P. up the conversation and retain more information using the MOP method for listening! It is a great strategy! Hope you are having a productive month!

FDA Proposes New Traceability Rule For Food Manufacturers

The FDA is proposing a new traceability rule for food manufacturers, as well as those who process, pack or hold foods on the Food Traceability List to help identify recipients of those foods quickly to help mitigate foodborne illness outbreaks.

Do you know how that's bent?

There are two common terms used within our industry regarding elbows, center to face and radius or CLR (center line radius). How these terms are used sometimes causes confusion. For an explanation, please click the link!

Dairy forecast holds optimism; COVID a wild card

While US milk production posted a 3% year-over-year gain in November, a significant improvement from the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, much of the industry's long-term recovery rests with the rebound of the restaurant industry...

Is Your Culture a 'Good Fit' for New Technology?

Companies who haven’t done the work in areas like collaboration and communication will have a higher rate of failure.

FDA announces FSMA food traceability proposed rule, a major milestone in the new Era of Smarter Food Safety

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a proposed rule to establish additional traceability recordkeeping requirements for certain foods.

Pharma manufacturers see benefit in digitization

More than 93% of pharmaceutical manufacturers say they consider digitization important when upgrading facilities and many said plant floor production will reap the biggest benefits from digitization.

Make automation safety more visible

In this installment of Automation Zone, go beyond the daily safety moment, and get strategic about the financial benefits to your bottom line.

Summer reads for leaders to stay motivated, resilient and creative

Here is some great summer reading if you are looking for some quiet time!

A Playbook for Distributors to SURGE Ahead Using Customer Stratification

Each of your customers brings value to your business. Some already provide a considerably high value that your business relies on, while others have significant potential that you haven’t fully tapped.

Citizens Want ‘Made in America.’ Washington Needs to Make It a Reality.

Manufacturers are stepping up during the pandemic—now it’s time for Congress to get trade policy right.

Custom Spool Pieces to your exact specifications

Looking for ways to reduce installation costs? Need to keep that product warm/cold in process? Let us help you!

Dairy groups seek further USDA support amid outbreak

Two dairy groups have sent letters seeking support amid the pandemic to Agriculture Sec. Sonny Perdue, following up on last week's submission of the Milk Crisis Plan by the National Milk Producers Federation and the International Dairy Foods Assoc.

Supply chain strained, but still secure

Americans have been alarmed by empty grocery shelves, but while food suppliers and retailers say they are struggling with surging demand, they insist the supply chain remains strong.

Dairy industry leaders visit Washington to advance dairy’s appropriations priorities

Dairy executives from across the US are visiting Washington, D.C., to urge congressional leaders to appropriate funds for dairy standards modernization, research projects and a pilot program for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

The evolution of food safety management systems—from early 1900s to audits today

As HACCP and other food safety regulations have evolved, processors need to be aware of what is necessary during each step of the food production process.

Positive dairy reaction as USMCA passes Senate

After months of uncertainty, the US Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) has officially passed the US House and Senate. President Donald Trump said he will sign it into law next week.

Safety Leadership: Safety at home starts in the workplace

Safety planning isn’t exclusive to the workplace. Safety must also be practiced at home. While on-the-job injury rates continue to decline, the number and rate of unintentional deaths at home are rising at alarming paces.

Inoxpa USA Full Line of Products Available at Andron Stainless

Andron Stainless Corporation is proud to be INOXPA's regional U.S. distributor. While Andron Stainless is focused on custom manufacturing and master distribution of catalog items...

Premiumizing milk to keep dairy relevant

While there is ongoing debate regarding use of the word “milk” on non-mammalian-derived products, once there’s a resolution — either direction — that will likely not get many of today’s consumers to drink more of the white stuff.

Processors must soon comply with FSMA's rule to try to stop intentional adulteration

As food and beverage companies should be well aware, in 2016 the FDA finalized all seven major rules that implement the core of FSMA.

Oat milk trend continues to gain momentum

Oatly pioneered the oat milk production process in the 1990s, but as the dairy-free beverage has entered the mainstream spotlight, more oat milk products are quickly appearing.

Demand for plant-based foods continues to grow

Interest in plant-based diets continues to sprout, giving food manufacturers and retailers a chance to cultivate shopper engagement and grow sales, Chicago-based research firm IRI says.

Gottlieb resigns from FDA, dairy projects in the balance

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Scott Gottlieb signed a resignation letter Tuesday with intent to leave the role in one month. He has served as Commissioner for nearly two years and been pivotal in the recent plant ‘milk’ vs. dairy

What Makes Stainless Steel "Stainless"?

Stainless steel, or inox steel (from the French word "inoxydable"), does not readily oxidize (rust) like ordinary steel does.
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We machine and fabricate superior custom products, on-time and to precise specifications.

Did You Know?

The difference between 304 and 316 stainless steel are the chemical properties. The key difference is that 316 has the addition of 2-3% molybdenum to the stainless steel. The addition of Molybdenum helps some applications due to the increased corrosion resistance, particularly to chlorides.

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