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Custom Machining

The Andron Stainless number one priority is customer satisfaction. Our in-house machining expertise and latest equipment allow us to respond to your tight schedules faster. In many cases we will ship before competitors send the quote. Our experienced machinists are well-equipped to create even the most complex custom machined metal components - to your precise specifications.

Andron Stainless has a deep understanding of industry standards, allowing us to consistently meet the tolerance requirements for your components. You'll benefit from more than 75 years of combined manufacturing experience that help us guarantee quality products. Our machinist ensure your products consistently meet industry 3A standards.

In many cases we will ship before competitors send the quote.

We offer the full range of milling processes - turning, drilling, boring, counter-boring and counter-sinking, reaming and tapping for a variety of materials. We are leaders in the manufacturing of fittings in sanitary stainless steels as well as AL-6XN® alloy and Hastelloy® C-22® and exotic alloys. Our machine shop is equipped to provide precision machining for those single unit designs or high volume production quantities. And we take pride in handling repair projects that need that extra care.

Precision Machined Products

Andron is fully capable of taking your customer’s hand drawn sketch and machining it into a finished part. We can make a drawing for your customer to approve, make any design changes necessary, produce the part, and drop ship to the end user if necessary.

When we ship, you can expect:

  • High quality precision machined products - delivered on time
  • Quality and Integrity with a company you can trust
  • Material test reports available when you request them
  • Our in-house value added services - to further decrease lead times and overall costs

When it comes to precision machined stainless steel fittings and components, Andron Stainless products and services are exceptional. Our various machining skills provide a diverse amount of capabilities and are engineered to provide precision products with unmatched quality.

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We offer a complete line of fittings, valves, tubing, pumps and accessories.

Our products are made from the highest quality raw materials. In addition to our line of fittings and valves, Andron has extensive capabilities for manufacturing custom parts to your specifications.

Precision Machined Products

  • Fittings
  • Tubing & Hangers
  • Valves & Accessories
  • Sanitary Strainers
  • Manifolds
  • Pumps
  • Gaskets
  • Product Recovery System
  • Sanitary Gauges & Sensors
  • Saw Guides
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